Friday, May 14, 2010

Ironing out the kinks

Last week my road bike (that I ordered in November!) came in - as well as my new track bike (which I ordered the week before). Since then I've been putting in some mileage - after I got a proper bike fit with David at HSP (Thanks David!). He did some adjustments and now I FLY down hills and cruise around with a lot less effort. My new Blue AC1 rides like a dream. Though during my standing start efforts the other day felt a little noodley in the bottom bracket area.... quadzilla strikes again! Apparently the bike wasn't made for that kind of force - and rightfully so! I should be doing those efforts on the track bike - but if it's raining... well road time down at Golden Gardens is where it's at.

I also picked up a new Blue track frame and have been putting it to the test out at the track. Riding a new bike out there is similar to breaking in a horse... you both have to ease into it as the geometry and positioning is entirely different compared to your other steed and it accelerates quite a bit differently. Add that to early season track form - and things aren't quite going as smooth as they used to.

But last night I got to test the legs and road bike at Seward park in the 6pm race. And boy did she perform. I felt like I finally have a race bike beneath my legs that is responsive and eager to perform. I almost had set myself up for a prime - but two guys were a little more eager to do so - so I sat on Derrick's wheel for a couple of laps while we went off the front. FUN! But there's something about doing that 200m kicker hill that grinds the back into oblivion...

This morning I woke up early and headed out to Marymoor. Traffic was a breeze and the sun was out in full force. By the time I got on the bike it was 8:30 - and I was in a short sleeve jersey and shorts. On tap for today? Accelerations. The first 8 out of 9 were good - but not perfect. My form needs some ironing out - and that only comes from practice. But on the last one? The last one was smooth as butter , perfectly straight and fast as hell. It felt good, really really good. It was as though body, mind and bike came together in perfect harmony and delivered the perfect effort. I can't wait to get back out there and do it again! The horse has been broken in. :)

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