Thursday, May 27, 2010

Among all of the RSS feeds I subscribe to, I also keep tabs on the local mountain guiding scene through American Alpine Institute (AAI). I don't read the posts everyday but definitely browse through them before hitting the "mark as read" button on my google reader. The site is really good on keeping tabs on what's going on within the climbing community - first ascents, accidents, weather and trip reports, etc. etc. It's a good wake up call to following your passion and doing what you want to do... and just thinking about having the choice between sitting in an office chair for a living or being in the mountains puts my mind at ease that I could do either one.

My housemate, David, is doing just that. He moved into my basement in March and has been home maybe 15 nights since. Between guiding on Rainer, traveling to Kauai, ski touring in the North Cascades for a week on end, and now guiding an expedition up Denali in Alaska for 3 weeks straight - it appears he lives the charmed life. But I'm sure it's not completely glamorous. What about the sub freezing temps, the day upon day of being stuck in a tent thanks to the weather, the limited food options and lack of showers? Thankfully it's usually too cold to smell body odor - but I'm sure that shower back at home feels amazing once he's back.

Reading David's dispatches from Denali makes me miss Ryan.

Check out David's photography here:

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