Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Seeking Professional Help

When I first decided I wanted to race, I immediately went out and found a coach. The first one happily took my money, over charged me for a service, and then I dumped him. The second coach I found was great - and we established a great relationship over the 3 years we worked together. At one point I decided to try a new approach to cycling and switched again, finding that the new coach and I had some barriers to overcome. When we didn't overcome those barriers quickly, I changed it up again. I happened upon my current coach unexpectedly and it's been smooth sailing ever since.

I decided to approach finding a grief therapist in this same form. Why struggle more than you have to? Why not dive right in and see what you can do to immediately improve your well being? So I met with a woman yesterday and already feel better. The only bummer though is my insurance doesn't cover it... so back to the drawing board to find someone who does. Anybody know anyone?

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Supreme Fish Hustler said...

Jen...this is Cassandra Wright - I know your mom in law and cousin Kim Caetano...My sister stephanie introduced herself to you at Ryan's memorial service in bham. I just want to let you know that if you EVER want to vent (guiltfree!) about anything I can lend an ear and thoughts to you. I have been living with my grief since 97 and understand all of the overwhelming thoughts/feelings etc...about everything. Your writings are beautiful and universal..thank you for sharing them. Please drop me an email anytime and someday we should meet up in bham in the future....Thinking of you and sending you strength...Cassandra