Monday, December 01, 2008

I just read a journal entry from July 5th - the day after Ryan and I climbed a 3,000 foot spire in the North Cascades. I marveled at Ryan's endless energy for the very next day we rode up Washington Pass on our bikes. I could barely walk down the cabin steps - each step sending a sharp pain into my quads.

And here I am - nearly 5 months later with similar pain in my legs. And the realization how quickly your life can change.

I dreamt of seeing a psychic last night. Except I had all of these random people join me for it. Eventually it made sense to kick them out and get some one on one time with her - but it took me a while to realize all of these other spirits were just hanging on because they thought I could provide them answers. Unfortunately once I was alone with the psychic I can't remember anything we talked about. I woke up thinking I should take Makiah with me when I go see one this weekend to see if she sparks anything.

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Anonymous said...


Nick here, of Nick and Emily. Although we aren't exactly tight buds, I think I'm addicted to catching the updates on your blog. You are an inspiration in that you not afraid to go deep when sharing your thoughts for all to see.
I picked up cyclocross this season (doing it for life from now on!) and probably owe at least a little to you, as far as taking the initiative to go for it and giving it my all.

Stay tough!