Friday, August 22, 2008

working it

Bring on the Keirin cut jeans - I could barely walk up the stairs to my house last night.

The first 30 minutes in tempo was agonizing. My head started playing tricks on me, "back off! You can just pull over and do this in two sets instead of one. Who's going to know? You're already half way there - only one more half to go. Every revolution is getting you closer to your goal - both immediate and long term. 99 bottles of beer on the wall.... oh crap! I lost count of which lap I'm on. If I can just make it to 60 laps - I'll be solid. What? I'm only at 37? Sheebus."

And so my inner dialog continued. Until finally - I found myself at lap 59 - and DONE!

Let the true workout begin.

Like a one-two combination punch, those two breakers broke me yesterday. The wind was crazy - super solid on the home straight, nice on the back straight. You were either on the gas or recovering. No happy medium. Add a motor that as soon as it would round corner 1 into 2 - would start accelerating and you have a recipe for one big old ass whopping.

The first set was brutal - I felt like keeling over and dying afterward. But miraculously I lived - and fortunately got to do another one. I think the first set is always the hardest. The second one your legs are really open, as well as your mind and body to give it another solid effort. 10 minutes whizzed by.

Another 5 minutes of rest - without the puke feeling. And last on the list - something that sounded innocent enough but proved to be wicked hard.

10 laps at 25 mph, then increase the mph by 3 every two laps, in your pursuit set up. By the end of this exercise, my legs were so pumped I could barely walk.

That's what I'm talking about.

It's been a while since I've finished a workout and had barely enough energy to walk up my stairs and sit down on the couch. I was wrecked. We headed to Quinn's - my new FAVORITE restaurant and had some amazing protein filled portions (wild boar sloppy joes, potato gnocchi with rabbit (lip smacking good!) and lamb-knock-your-socks-off-main-course.

Not quite the sushi I had been hoping for - but a taste that will have us going there again and again...

Now on tap for the weekend - Friday night racing, followed by a Carnation road race/ aka crit, Seward park and chilling with some friends! Ah the life of riley.

Work hard. Play hard. And don't forget to have fun!

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