Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Morning After...

My legs feel like lead weights this morning. The only relief is elevating them and just chilling. The prescribed 2 hour TT ride with some VO2 efforts thrown in the mix should help - but it also sounds painful at this point. :)

One thing is for sure - riding this past week after FSA was the smartest thing I could have done. A couple of people I spoke to at the track last night complaining of not feeling recovered despite being off their bikes all week. Often the best thing for you is to keep it rolling - and you might as well throw in a sprint session and a 1/2 hour of tempo work while you're at it. The legs were certainly ready to fire on all cylinders last night against the cat 3 men.

I picked up Chris Hill on the way out East and Lake Washington had some serious white heads from the southernly wind that had been blowing all day. We got to the track in record time (eerie) and noticed there was quite a head wind on the home straight. The turnout was light - especially compared to last weekend's extravaganza but the men's 3 field was still solid. I decided to run a lighter gear and work on some leg speed, which suited me well for the entire evening.

First up - Point a Lap. Positioning is crucial. If you're not in the front, then it takes multiple laps to crawl your way up the totem pole and get back into position. I played this game smart - waiting until guys were wasted from doing entire lap pulls and then coming around them for some points. A mere 2 points put me in 5th - by far my best showing with the fellas yet this year!

Next - a 14 lap scratch race. A break was established early with Hyun in the mix and a few other players. I was in the chase group with Brian - our sprinter. We attempted to join a few times - but the mid race premes kept the fellas away. Coming into the last few laps, I told Brian to get on my wheel and then drove myself into the ground to set him up for a lead out. At one point, coming into corner 2, final lap, he told me to "up" and I couldn't any more. My limit had been tapped. Around he sprinted - securing 5th (after the breakaway) and I felt like I had done my duties. It was great.

Last race - a progressive points. A break made it off the front again- and when I saw it go I told young R. Miller to go - and that was the move! They lapped the field - gaining 20 a piece and Miller pulled in third! Then when the rejoined us, with a couple laps left, I serged to the front and held off all but one guy with 2 laps to go. It was great! I had a great night - 8th in the men's omnium.

Funny - on our way back over the bridge headed to McCormick's for their great happy hour - I thought - that wasn't so bad! I feel great! Little did I know how bad it would be the morning after...

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