Monday, August 04, 2008

The do's and don'ts

I learned a valuable lesson this weekend while attempting the Washington State Individual Time Trial. Thankfully this lesson was a new one to me - and one I certainly will NOT repeat.

The other day I noticed Steep and Cheap had a great deal on heart rate monitors. I figured I'd use it for my other bikes that don't have power available - as a means to gauge my efforts. After one use on the road I had so much confidence in it - that I decided to use it during my time trial and base my effort off of some numbers rather than perceived exertion. BIG NO NO. It's funny how I didn't even think that basing my effort off of something I NEVER pay attention to would suddenly help my TT ability. Ha! It's actually laughable. And just proves my killer instinct to race is stronger than what some arbitrary number says.

The plus side - I improved my time by 4 minutes from last year. The lame side? I had to fully stop and unclip for these two mutts that looked hungry to bite a passing cyclist 1/4 way into the TT. But all is not loss - it was absolutely beautiful out and I got some great TT training in. And Robin ROCKED the TT - clocking in at 57 minutes for a 40k effort. What a rock star!

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