Friday, January 18, 2008

Whenever I lack motivation and need a little boost, I often visit Brooke Miller's blog. She's a talker that one - but living in Cleveland, and still maintaining a pro training plan throughout the winter - this chica is tough! For instance, the other day there was still some ice on the ground leftover from our little mini ice storm, it was cold out and doing 2 hours zone 2 outside didn't sound that appealing. Good thing I visited Brooke's site - she was saying how excited she was that it was 31 outside and balmy. I can only imagine how rough it is to train in one of the midwest states during the winter and just how much trainer time you really have to put in. It was just the attitude adjustment I needed and in minutes I was kitted up and in the saddle.

It has been nice to supplement the training with some backcountry skiing and skating. When it's raining at home and chilly - it's nice knowing I'll still get a killer workout on the slopes by my own demise. Endurance sports rule.

Ryan bought a skate ski set up last night without ever trying it before. I think he'll like it though - he played hockey for 20 years and I'm sure he'll be skating circles around me the first go.

Still cleaning up the abandoned space at work - I can't believe how much useless shit these people had! I mean seriously, who needs 50 stainless steel coffee mugs and plastic mugs with your logo on it? Anybody in the market for some swag? Maybe I can use those as primes! Just teasing.

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