Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekend Predictions

It's not looking good locally to do some biking this weekend. I know it's a little early to predict - but with possible snow showers/sleet forecast for the weekend, who would seriously in their right mind pedal in that kind of weather? Why fight what mother nature is dishing out and use it to your advantage to get in some snow play in the mountains?

That just cleared any doubt I had in my mind about going back to the cabin this weekend. :) Bring on the back country and skate skiing! Seriously though, should I be that worried that I'm not putting in massive amounts of suffer fest during the weekends and instead enjoying every sweat pounding minute of climbing mountains? I know I'm getting in a killer workout for several hours at a time - how can it be that different than riding all day? I guess we'll find out once race season rolls around.... (but at least I know my sanity will be in tact!)

98103 - (wunderground.com)
Tues 37
Wednesday 41
Thurs 39/29 30% chance of snow
Friday 39/31 20% chance of snow
Saturday 40/35 60% chance of snow

Sounds like some killer riding conditions - not! I fully support you lunatics that kit up though and put in the mileage. I've been there - it takes a certain breed.

98833 - Mazama Time....
Tuesday 22/-3 Sunny
Wed 21/3 Sunny
Thurs 22/15 20% chance of snow
Fri 21/11 Partly cloudy
Sat 25/12 40% chance of snow

Thank you snow angels, thank you.

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