Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A REAL winter

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest, where winter weather is getting more and more unpredictable than ever! Only three winters ago, we had a record low snowfall - closing all of the local ski resorts for weeks and reaching temps of 60 in the city during the month of January. Last winter was decent - I recall only being forced on the trainer 3 times or so. And this this winter? Well this winter I have embraced what mother nature is throwing at us and taken full advantage of growing up with planks attached to my feet and mixing it up with a new found love for Nordic skiing.

Curious, I googled "benefits of Nordic skiing and cycling" and came up with a few hits. (Ah the beauty of google where you can make anything you want true, depending on how you ask it.) And to be honest, I just came across some fascinating stuff and will report back soon....

Taken from the following link: http://home.hia.no/~stephens/skiphysi.htm

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