Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Speaking of real winters...

I-90 has been closed all day due to HIGH avalanche potential. They closed the highway from exit 34 (North Bend) Eastbound and at exit 106 (Ellensburg) Westbound. Crazy! Ryan and a bunch of people were trying to rally up to Alpental for the night - but apparently it's too dangerous. Wild stuff!

I was a good girl and opted to stay home, regardless of the potential powder fest to ride. (Pat on the back with a smile.) If they had been able to go up - I'm sure it would have been one of the best inbound ski days of the year!

My indoor roller ride went well. I spun my brains out, sweating all over my yoga mat and listening to some poor 700 pounder on Dr. Phil say he's scared and doesn't want to die obese. They chartered a plane for him to go to Hollywood and showed footage of him seated in one of the rows - his entire body was wedged between two rows in first class. Nothing like a little motivation to keep the heart rate up.

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