Monday, January 28, 2008

We knew it'd be cold... but -11? Seriously!

But we had no idea just how cold it was until the following evening.

Ryan and I went to the cabin again on Friday. No new snow had fallen over the past week so we got to take our skiing stuff into the cabin and get the heat going. The interior of the cabin had completely frosted over and everything was frozen. Even our CD player refused to work until we warmed it up a couple of degrees. When it's cold outside - that can only mean one thing - Dance Party 2008! We danced to three entire CD's before calling it quits and crawling inside our double wide sleeping bag.

Even Makiah slept on the bed with us all night - and in the morning it wasn't as warm as I remembered it the weekend before. Would having one less person inside the cabin really make that big of a difference? Apparently! We headed out to recon the area and figure out some new downhill loops nearby and ended up skating the morning from Early Winters and then skinning up and skiing Goat Wall.

And it was at Goat Wall, after skinning up a couple hundred feet, that we ran into some ice climbers. One of them, Larry, owns the Mazama Country Store, and said the past three nights they've had record colds. Try -11! Yep, that's the reason we couldn't get warm. Burrrr!

Sunday we woke up to a warm cabin - the high pressure system had finally run its course, allowing for low pressure to come in through a series of storms bringing with it about 4" of new fluff. Daytime temps were mid-twenties; balmy compared to Friday! We headed back to Goat Wall and did a lap and then did a couple hours of skating on our way out of town. Ryan and I were so tired that we could barely make the last 4k of the loop! Makiah was too tired from skinning with us the previous day and only made it on a 4k loop. All in all - a great weekend of fun in the snow!

Next weekend - TAHOE! A break from the snow and then Beaver Creek... 2008 is shaping up to be a pretty kick ass year!

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