Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ridin ridin ridin

The past couple of days have been amazing riding weather - with temps almost reaching 50 in the afternoon and clear blue bird days. Every morning I wake up, choke down some breakfast and coffee, head to work for a couple hours and then jump on the bike. If only every winter ride could be like this - it would make more sense for us to have racing start in March!

Days have been filled with tempo and sub LT work - making me one tired and hungry puppy when I get home at night. I love it! So far I've already logged 10 hours on the bike... shooting for almost 20 by the end of the weekend. Solid. It's been a slow process but I think I'm finally starting to build my aerobic engine. And yes, it has a long ways to go. :) But it all fits into my bigger picture.

Looking forward to pounding out some racing mileage soon!

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