Tuesday, February 27, 2007


So despite a weak hammy and inability to train 100%, I've managed to occupy my time quite nicely with laying the ground work to grow women's track locally.

Knitting season is officially over. (So I have a total of 15 rows to go to complete Ryan's fuzzy wool sweater - but after that, I'm done for a while.)

Spring is almost here - the weeping willow in our back yard is starting to have bright green buds poke out all over... which can only mean one thing - racing beginnings. Gone, hopefully soon, will be the days of 36 degree pouring rain 6 hour training rides. Hello shocking white knees that will blind you if you look at them without sunglasses. Hello funny tan lines and embarrassing bikini lines.

Oh! I almost forgot! I did a PR yesterday - an hour 45 on the bike with an average of 120 watts. (If I really think about it, that's pretty pathetic.) But this time I only got passed be one commuter and passed quite a few granny's. That lifts my spirits. Let me tell you how important it is to be able to pass someone, anyone, even if I'm 40 years their junior. At least their hamstrings work. Ha!

And even better than that - we got our kits last night. Hello Team Capitan Incredible. Bright red with a black superhero Ti Cycles logo. I'm going to Archie McPhee's today and buying masks.

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