Sunday, February 11, 2007

How to Kill time when you're injured...

1. Surf - I'm seriously almost pro at surfing the web. I spend hours of day on the puter and can't seem to tear myself away..... yet I frequent the same sites in hopes that someone has updated their content. Nope. Same shit. But I look again any way.

2. Knit. Yes, I'm a closet knitter. I used to knit socks - until I got sick of using these tiny needles which would take forever to show any progress. Ryan heckled me until I finally recently committed to making him a sweater. It's been 5 days since my hamstring pull and I'm already 3/4 of the way finished. (Usually it would take me all winter to complete one.) Yes, I'm compulsive. That's okay though - at least it's not something bad for my health. But now my wrists are clawed with carpel tunnel.

3. Eat chocolate. I am still searching for the world's best milk chocolate. Thank goodness my face doesn't show it. Yet. Scientists have found chocolate is a sure fire way to cure a slightly torn hammie.

4. Ignore chores. I'm really good at this because I can occupy myself doing all of the things listed above.

5. Clean my entire fleet of bikes with a tooth brush. Just kidding. I've never done that. That would take a lot of time - and I have sweaters to compulsively knit.

6. Stare into my back yard and imagine how nice it would be to have grass that would grow. I honestly went back there this weekend to fix our sagging planter boxes, only to discover our drill won't fit inside of the boxes for me to sink some lag bolts into the decking. Thankfully I didn't empty all the dirt out first to discover I didn't have the right tools. I must be getting smarter. Ha!

7. Read. Actually I really enjoy this one. Lately I've been reading a Tao Sports book and it's giving me great insights to often neglected mental aspect of sports. I'm trying to use this time to strength my mental preparation for the season - and eagerly look forward to each section I read and reflect on. Two seasons ago I pulled my achilles tendon right before racing started and had to sit out ML#1. I visualized the race and what it would be like for two weeks - to wind up 3rd in my first race, and come back to win the second one. Nice. Now if I could just do that for something more than ML's.

That's all I got.

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Heather said...

You can kill time almost as well as me.