Friday, February 09, 2007


I think I over did it this time.

After Tuesday night's slaughtering (really, my legs felt like lead weights later that night) - I had this great idea it would be a good time to test my FTP and do Cougar. Miller thought it was a good idea too - testing while I'm fatigued, just like what will happen during a stage race.

I felt fine - although I had a little soreness behind the knee - but it didn't hurt while I pedaled. IDIOT!

Up the hill I went - in record time too. But that night I started feeling some tenderness and then yesterday I had to hobble around. It was swollen - not like ligament swollen, but swollen from over use. Dang it - I had a to miss a 4 hour ride - with NO RAIN. Oh well.

Here's what I think happened - after doing this one monster climbing Tuesday night - I stopped at the turn around point and waited about 10 minutes while everyone else rolled in. I had this brilliant idea to stretch - and because my muscles were open - I over stretched it. Then I did some more climbing that night - followed by another day of climbing.... thoroughly fatiguing my leg. And now I sit - icing and maintaining positive thoughts to heal back up and get back on my bike.

Lesson learned - if you feel the slightest inclining that you might have over done it - don't continue and then beat your body to shit through hundreds of thousands of revolutions. Chill out - figure out what you did and relax. An injured leg won't help you at all.

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