Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Banyan Trees: a place of gathering providing shelter and shade. A place for communion. Their roots are in reverse - connecting to the ground from their mighty branches.

Thinking about the banyan trees in Hawaii grounds me. There are several within walking distance of my grandmother's house on O'ahu. Some in Judd Forest, a lush tropical jungle behind her house, some down the street on the carefully kept grounds at Queen Emma's summer palace.

When I need to feel rooted, connected and at peace, I imagine the smooth bark and Earthy smell - housing an entire eco system. I breath in its power, feel its strength and sink in. It's nice to know that where ever I am, what ever I'm doing, I can connect to my inner Banyan and find peace.

What moves you? When do you feel connected? What places can you go where you feel safe and connected?

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Jacob Venard said...

Put me in the mountains. That's what does it for me.