Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Marymoor GP vs Elite Road Nats

So USA Cycling announced that elite road nats are going to be held in Bend, OR over the same weekend as the Marymoor Grand Prix. The organizer, David Mann, sent me an email asking what I thought if they ran the event the same weekend and whether or not it would cause a big attendance issue for the women. I can see where the conflict is - but am not sure if it would greatly affect the participation. Road nats has one title for one lady, no money - just glory. Marymoor GP has multiple chances to win with tons of cash prizes... would it be smart to hold the GP later in the summer?


Monas said...

Well for one, I know I am eligible to ride Marymoor, and if I can I will (tbc).
Maybe you could check the start lists from last years Nats compared to Marymoor. I doubt there would be much overlap, but you might even get more riders from some doing the TT only and then having the opportunity to ride a pursuit?

Val said...

What about pushing it back a weekend so it's the week after the Alpenrose Challenge? Granted I missed both last year, but as an out-of-towner it would be nice to stay in the area for a week instead of flying back and forth.

Jimmy said...

No idea how it would affect women but it sure would be nice for the lingwoods if avc and fsa gp were back to back!