Monday, January 05, 2009

Ushering in a New Year

Wow. I did it. I survived 2008. The ups, the downs - the sideways and inside outs. Done. Finished. History.

Thank God.

On Christmas Eve, Chris John's, Makiah and I headed east to 98833. I felt it was necessary to be there over the New Years - as a symbolic gesture to say good bye to 2008 and usher in 2009. Turns out this was a very smart decision, not only for the amazing skiing, but also for my heart and soul.

I'm glad I went - and glad for the company and support of a dear friend to help me through what was a difficult time. I had a little more closure with Ryan's passing - seeing Goat Wall for the first time since last September, feeling his presence in the cabin, laughing at the little things that he did to cabin that final week. Seeing a sun kissed mountain the final morning - and skiing my brains out. Not to mention having some belly laughs.

We had some good talks and thought of Ryan every time the cd player would start skipping or Makiah would start whining. Then oddly enough, when Wilco was played, the last cd he had listened to, it played in its entirety for the length of the album. I hear you loud and clear, babe.

I feel relieved that 2008 is over. And relieved the holidays are done. And more than anything I'm looking forward to what laughs and lessons 2009 has in store. It's off to a really good start...

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