Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Last time I attempted to upload photos from my trip to the cabin over New Years I was denied.... so here's a short recap. This was taken on the drive over - traveling up Goat Creek Road. Seeing those views was somewhat emotional - I haven't been back to the Methow since last September. It was nice seeing it in another season though and with such good company.

On the last morning we were there, I woke up feeling Ryan's presence surrounding me and glimpsed out the cabin to see the sun kissing the mountains.

We woke up one morning to 17" of new pow pow - and skied our buns off. But later that same trip, temps dipped into the -8.... even Makiah was cold!

Fast forward two weeks later to President's weekend. Chris and I dreamed up new pancake combinations and he worked on making the perfect cake.

Ah the simple life. No hair dryers, no combs, and most importantly no mirrors. But somebody got a hold of my camera and documented my morning hair. No worries though - as I documented somebody's crazy outfits....

Our first skate ski venture took us to Sun Mountain. Neither of us had been there before - so we skied up to Thompson Road Pass via the Meadowbrook trail. There, between the steady stream of sweat and masked between the trees - a rare species was seen. Clad in jeans, stars and bars hat, downhill gloves, etc - was a sight to be seen... spandex wearing skaters take note!

I don't know if my outfit can even compare to Mr. Fashionista. But I'll work on it - that's for sure.

The following day we decided to redeem ourselves by the sloth up Sun Mountain that we returned to do some easy routes around the resort and have lunch up at the top. The trails are great - rolling with lots of fun terrain to skate through. The soup at the lodge was excellent - looking forward to going back already!

Since we had gained some confidence at Sun Mountain, the next day we decided to ski up to Rendezvous Pass. Little did we know what a steady burn it was - 15km of a constant grind up to the top. We stopped half way to get some shots.... and several attempts later got a group shot of the two of us.

We had a couple of people offer to take our photo - but Chris was determined to make the timer work.

All of our efforts were rewarded with stunning views of the Cascades. I'd love to rent this hut for a skiing adventure!

I soaked in the sun, the views and the fresh air. I can't wait to go back.

I think Chris liked it too. :)

What goes up must come down. After climbing in the sun, over heating and taking our extra clothing off on the uphill - you have a chilly descent back to the car. So chilly in fact, you could freeze some body parts. This is definitely a pain face.

Our final day we cooked up some mean pancakes - which Chris has perfected. Look at that proud display of the perfect pancake!

After closing up the cabin and turning off the power, propane, locking up the outhouse, etc - we hit a dog friendly trail on the way out of town. It was another picture perfect blue bird day - my last glimpse of sun before heading back to the Wet, I mean West side.

We really skated well that day - cruising through the forest on a 12k loop. We got back to the car around 3 - and started the venture home. A short stop at the Twisp bakery and we were Seattle bound!

So the question is - when am I moving? Soon.

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Michele said...

Great re-cap. I am glad that you had such a good time and planned your adventure while there actually was snow, not just ice :(
I am with you about moving over to the Valley it is glorious.
We will be there Feb 13-22 would love to finally connect if you are over there.