Thursday, January 15, 2009

Come a long way

This morning I woke to a sad song set being played on KEXP. I recall hearing that John from the Morning show is going through a divorce. And as a result, he is only playing really sad, mournful REM songs. One after another. After another.

Sensing his sadness, I emailed him.

I've been there. Cold Play was my REM. I would listen to it just to embrace the sadness. It felt as though I was stuck in perpetual gloom. But as time passed, my heart started to heal. I didn't have to listen to Cold Play constantly. I started listening to up beat music. And my mood changed. I wasn't as sad all the time. I actually started to feel some happiness.

Hearing someone else go through grief made me realize how far I've come in such a short time - and that I still have more to go. I've learned so many valuable lessons - which is such a gift in itself. And I will continue to learn lessons - with each relationship I encounter and upkeep.

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Shannon said...

Jen, your posts are all so beautifully written, simple and painfully honest. You should think about gathering and publishing them in some way. You have a lot to offer someone who is just beginning this arc of grief and is wondering how they will come out on the other side, and if coming out on the other side is even possible. Thanks for sharing with us all.