Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Hmmmm... not necessarily posted in order of importance:

Ladies track training sessions has been moved from Tuesday nights to THURSDAY from 7:30-9pm. A great move considering the traffic, Fast Track intimidation factor, etc. And as long as 5 women show up - we get the track to ourselves. :)

Hammie... well it comes and goes. It felt great all weekend - I managed to get in 6 hours of riding on it. But yesterday I went to go for a spin and it didn't like it that much. Granted, I probably didn't wear enough layers, etc. - so we'll see if it's ok to race on it this weekend. If I can't race - then I'm bailing on Redlands. :( Simply put, I don't want to risk ruining an entire race season because I neglected to listen to my body and do the right thing. Talk about a hard decision to come to - but there's always next year. And who knows - it could do some miraculous healing in the next 24-28 hours!

Our downstairs is almost done. The cabinet guy was over yesterday and installed the laundry room counters. It looks fantastic. Bill was over working on the bike shop/TV room area too. He should be done soon. Then it's all about paint and getting it put back together!


My brother and his family are coming up to stay a week starting Wednesday. Should be fun! Laurel is already over a month old.


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Jimmy said...

c'mon, don't listen to your body, it only wants you to do what it wants to do, never what you want to do. one time we went down to do the san dimas stage race over spring break. i got heat stroke, went way into the red, kept riding. then we even hit up a collegiate race on the way home. we did so much driving. when we got back i was totally blown and everyone was all pissed at eachother. i didn't want to look at a bike (or my travel companions)again. oh wait, that's a horrible story! yeah, no wait. . .yeah, you should totally skip redlands if you're injured.