Monday, March 26, 2007

The haps...

This past week has flown by - I've managed to keep myself busy doing things other than riding. I'm starting to get used to not riding and healing - but I hope this stops soon! It's getting old - fast.

The memorial service for my grandfather was good - it was a trip to see all of my relatives in one spot. For some of them it has been well over a decade since I last saw them. My grandfather would have loved to be there.

Ryan and I finished painting the basement. I've been putting a lot of my free time and energy into the basement - and it's paying off. We got a delivery of the dry goods today and are waiting to hear back from Superior about all the wet stuff they hauled away in December. What a mess. It's almost over though.

I rode my bike for only 30 minutes this weekend - I'm hoping that by truly taking time off the bike I'll be back to full recovery quicker. Sigh.

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