Monday, March 12, 2007

decisions, descisions

Well I had to choose - and I chose not to go to Redlands. Although I felt strong on Sunday - dropping my chain during a riser could've been a blessing in disguise. I chased to get back on for 8 miles and then after a longer riser my hammie started sending warning signals to my brain. So I chilled. Lame. But - it's getting better! And I came to the realization that it isn't going to be prepared for Redlands and I need to cut my loses and continue the path of recovery.
Sunday was a flat race - Redlands is notoriously hilly. Hmmmm... and I haven't even climbed a hill yet. Yeah, not such a good idea.

But the racing season is early and there's lots and lots of racing to be had. I'm starting to wonder if I should book any more flights prior to the race. Losing money in change fees is getting to be a bummer!

On a side note - Carrie Eller is looking strong! She pulled a breakaway for 2 laps!

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