Friday, March 09, 2007

42 degrees and pouring

I'll take it! 3 hours of water surfing and pothole dodging - not a bad day for my first real venture out in over a month. It felt good - but it was kind of hard to feel anything after an hour and a half in the pouring rain and wind. I managed to kick out some decent power - nothing to write home about - but power nonetheless.

And today, the day after, the hammy actually feels alright. So we're a go for racing this weekend. Yay!!!

I downloaded my power data after the ride and compared it to last month - holy cow. Prior to my blow out I did some serious riding for at least two weeks solid. By far my biggest block of power to date. Hopefully this month of rest will kick it up a notch and I'll be exceeding those numbers shortly! But one pedal stroke at a time.

Some poor woman got stuck in the elevator yesterday at work. The building we're in is 20+ years old and so is the elevator. The building is only 3 stories tall - but some people prefer to still ride the elevators. Anyway - some woman got stuck between the 2nd and 3rd floor and we had to call the fire department and elevator repairman. By the time the repairman showed the woman was out - apparently the cab shimmied down to the 2nd floor and opened on its own. Time for a new elevator I think. (They're not cheap - they start around $80,000 - ouch.)

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