Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Taking a breather

It's been nice with no pressure to ride the bike for the month of September. Acutally - this is the first week where I have actually put the bike in the shop with no intentions of getting it for a week. It feels good to have a mental and physical break from it. In the meantime I've been researching some of the top female cyclists interviews on the web in attempt to find out how their training is going and how hard the elite level really is. I'm getting a pretty good picture set up in my mind of how to tackle that level of competition and succeed. It's definitely helping my motivation. I would like to talk with some other top athletes in person to pick their brains about it.... that would be cool.

I also had a massage today at the Dreamclinic. I think I found my new favorite massues. (Spelling?) He worked my cronic right shoulder blade with such finese that I booked another appointment with him in a week.