Thursday, September 08, 2005

crazy dream!

Last night I dreamt that I saw Joyce walking in a grass field full of people. She was carrying two coffees of course and when she saw that I was approaching she put a smile on her face. I told her I'm not coming to say hello, I'm coming to mess with you! I then wrestled with her to try and spill coffee on her but ended up having it spilled all over me! Then later in my dream I was trying to get her other coffee poured onto her and she ended up finding my running shoe (I have no idea why it was off) and pouring it directly in there and then hiding it from me. I guess the morale of the dream is - don't even think about revenge with Joyce she could do some nasty things.

Melinda told me she's going to Recycled. The funny thing? I don't know if recycled will put up with her - she did afterall sue them.