Thursday, September 29, 2005


so I'm sitting here surfing the net when I should be getting something more important done - like studying for my real estate exam ... and I'm browsing through some cyclo cross photos and I come across Russell's. First of all, he won the race and second, the photo taken of him is with both feet unclipped from the pedals like a scene from Mr. Toad's Wild Adventure. Big cheesy devilish grin on his face - making it look easy as can be. Then it dawns on me in a way that it hasn't before - this guy has completely mastered the bike. His movements, regardless if they are joking or not, are so fine tuned that he can pull some crazy stunts in the middle of competition. So I begin to wonder, does this mastery just come with time and talent in the saddle? Do I have the skills to be able to master the bike like he does? And if so - am I taking the steps in the right direction to achieve this goal?

It only comes with practice - and working on skills. Maybe the root of me wanting a new bike is that I think I've mastered that bike. I wish that were the case! Suddenly my beautiful chipped Kona has become shiney and new again. There are so many things I have yet to learn on the bike - and i look forward to building on each step. Patience in racing is a virtue - these skills and practice will come with time. I just need to remember that when my learning curve isn't as dramatic as it was my first year - to stick with it because bigger picture wins await.

Then again, I could be talking out my ass. Thank God no one reads these.

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