Friday, September 16, 2005

pixie dissin'

So I feel horendous for putting Camile down yesterday. I have a hard time relating to and understanding her and instead of keeping my big mouth shut I spouted off.... sorry about that. She's a good person and married to an incredible friend - I just have had several experiences with her that have made me less than amicable toward her. My apologies.

It was fun going out last night - Tim Reynolds is probably one of the baddest guitarists alive right now. His passion for the guitar - regardless if it's acoustic, a fender, or other stinged instrument - shows in his performances on stage. He has in all senses mastered playing. His fingers move fluidly - it was amazing. Watching someone who is that passionette about what they are doing is a rare opportunity.

I had more dreams last night. This time I was racing - but in what seemed to be a rec ride. Except I couldn't move fast enough. It was as though my fitness had deteriorated so much that I couldn't sprint -let alone find the legs to stand up. I was following Keri something from t-mobile but she was in regular apparel. Weird. I woke before the finish - so who knows what panned out.

I am enjoying relaxing at home this week. My body seems to be recovering from the months spent driving it into the red..... although I am developing a sore throat. We're headed to Smith Rock this weekend to do some climbing - should be fun.

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