Thursday, August 04, 2005

smiling with my eyes

Last night Tim paid me a HUGE compliment - he said I had the most beautiful eyes he has ever seen. And that when I smile, I do it with my eyes. I blushed. What an amazing compliment.

The planets are aligning again. I am really looking forward to next week. It has been on my mind 24/7. I had another dream last night of spinning my legs faster than anyone else. I am dumbfounded by how successful I have been this year. It's really been amazing - and beyond normal. I can't explain it. The best part? There are so many people around me who are supportive and caring and genuinely want to see me succeed in so many ways. That puts a huge smile on my face. And enjoying and loving what you are doing makes the task that much more enjoyable. Who would have thought cycling was going to be it? Wasn't I the girl who during college told Ryan that my butt was just not meant to be on a bike? Well I've proven that wrong. What I should have said and really meant was that my butt was not meant to be on a bike at the time. I need to matured a little more - learn some life lessons and prepare myself for the quest to my dreams. I am headed there now - it's thrilling.

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