Tuesday, August 02, 2005

recovery ez days

I've taken the last two days off the bike - with just minimal exercise (yoga last night, climbing the day before). Today is a massage - and tomorrow a pedicure. Just what I need - a little relaxation time. I had a talk with Joyce via email regarding entry fee reimbursement and will receive $38 back. I told her I was disappointed with the return and asked which races were covered. I also mentioned that it would have been nice to know what might be covered with the budget before the season to avoid playing the guessing game. Then I asked why track, mountain biking and cross weren't included in the program because you could attract a larger audience that way. I mentioned Evening Magazine coming out to the track - which our sponsors would love to be a part of. That's all I said - somewhat of a pot turner but not really. That will be the last communication I send to her - ever. She said thanks for the feedback - call me when you get the check. Cha right and monkies will fly out of my butt!

Meanwhile the weather has been stunning - and our dandelions are growing to new heights. I must put this computer down and go wack their little heads off! Tootles.

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