Thursday, November 03, 2016

Champions are made in the off season.

It's the end of the 9th inning and the Cubs and Cleveland Indians are tied 6 - 6. A heavy rain shower fills the stadium and the grounds crew hustles to unfold a gigantic tarp that spans the infield. The commentators now have to fill 15 minutes worth of air time until the World Series commences for a 10th inning and a new champion is crowned.

Speculation, opinions, "back when I played" stories fill the air time. And one comment strikes a chord in how baseball can relate to cycling: "this is when you see who worked in the off season."


In those moments when you know no one is watching, do you complete the full effort? Do you continue to practice with focus and intent? Or do you blow off a workout, claiming that it's the off season and you don't need to push it right now.

Games, competitions, races are won and lost in the off season.

Yes, it's tempting to cut a ride short because the weather is challenging. Yes, it's tempting to drink more beers while watching the world series and eat bar food. But just remember - a champion is made a day at a time. It's a culmination of all of those little steps that separates winning from losing.

And racing is won in the off season.
Photo: Chicago Tribune

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