Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Book Worm

About every three weeks I head to the Boulder public library. It coincides with due dates and if I'm on top of it - I put a couple of titles on hold. I also browse the new non-fiction section like a kid in the candy shop. Scanning across the hundreds of titles, my eyes fixed on "Live Simply." The book cover was a simple design, complimented by the chapter titles: declutter, organize, spend less and live more.

Live more by spending and doing less? Yes, please.

One of my favorite things about going to the library is the drive home - I devour as much as I can at each stop light, trying to squeeze a few more words in before my eyes are focused back on the road. Tonight's traffic along 63rd meant seeing how much I could read before hitting the accelerator.

More to come on doing less and living more.

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