Saturday, June 02, 2012


Let's play a little game called: see how much time you can spend off your feat while you are in Philadelphia waiting for a big race game, shall we? Turns out I'm good, really good at this one. The city is a buzz with the big race tomorrow. Nearly everyone we passed on the mornings recon ride wished us luck. They know it's a man eating course. Smiling at the crazy lycra clad groups who are all getting ready for a gladiator slaughter. Being a virgin gives me some advantage, I think. The lack of repeat demons, the eyes wide open, the unknown. Oh boy. If I can figure out a way to summon all of their energy into getting me over that big ass wall of a climb, I'll be good! Yeah, I know. It's only 800 metres. But one section is 17% grade, gulp. Man eating and baby, I'm fresh blood. Yes, that's a 28 on the back. No, I'm not riding it in my big ring... And I plan on using that pizza pie!

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