Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Colorado Springs is on fire.

We woke up to bad news this morning.

The Waldo Canyon fire that started last weekend took a turn for the worse. What was originally a small fire has grown to epic proportions, evacuating and burning the homes of many Colorado Spring residents. The streets where I once did hill repeats are now closed, possibly engulfed in flames. It takes me 20 minutes to ride there from our house. Benjamin's work is under mandatory evacuation.

We received a text from our house and dog sitter asking us what kind of plan we have. What plan? The one where if the fires take a turn and head back toward the city plan. The one where you take any valuables you don't want burned plan.

What about the let's wake up from this nightmare plan?

We just booked flights leaving in a few hours to return back to COS from Palma. We touch down tomorrow night in a city far from how we last left it. Ash and smoke will fill the sky. We will collect our things, hoping things improve and that fire fighters are able to some how and some way contain this fire.

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