Saturday, April 14, 2012

A picture story

 We woke up to winds on Friday morning. I had the day off from work and other than completing my taxes, paperwork and laundry got to do a mountain bike ride. I was supposed to do openers in the form of hill repeats but when Benjamin said I could do a mountain bike ride instead, I jumped at the chance.

Keep in mind - this requires no extra work. I still kit up at home, pump my tires up, grab food, fill water bottles, etc. Except the single track is less than 2 miles from my house. The picture above is a good 15 minutes from my door. And it accesses some of the best single track I've ridden in my life. See those mountains in the distance? Yep, that's where today's adventure was taking me.
 iShuffle in ear, Eric Clapton singing the blues, I couldn't help but stop and marvel at the beauty. I really feel like I stole something today. Life shouldn't be this good. Scratch that: LIFE IS GOOD!!!
 And apparently the fitness is coming around, as those ass burner climbs are becoming easier. I contemplated doing more - but with racing this weekend, 3 hours on the mountain bike should be enough.
 This is right before my favorite of favorite sections - Buckhorn. I love that an hour of riding from my house brings me here - far away from the hustle and bustle of COS. This is my backyard. Ready for more climbing? Yes, please.
 I had to stop on the ridge - after 1,600 feet of elevation gain. It's not that I needed a break - but I wanted to stop and appreciate the beauty. Spring makes the greens glow and the recent rains mean tacky trails. The only regret I had was not sharing it with someone. That's not true - I got to share it with my steed. And I think my little pony was smiling just as much.
 If you come visit me in Colorado, I promise I will take you here. And you will be packing your things in Seattle and moving here. This trail was the tipping point for me - last July after an overbooked plane and credit vouchers offered, I couldn't believe my luck! You mean you'll pay me to stay here in Colorado one more day and ride my mountain bike? Twist my arm. And so Benjamin and I ventured here - Buckhorn trail to Captain Jacks and this did it - I made the move less than a month later.
 Most days I wonder what took me so long? Why didn't I make this move sooner? I love the sunshine, the natural beauty, the community and endless exploration. This is my home now. And I hope I get to share it with you, friends.

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Michelle Stiles said...

as if I didn't want to move to CO already - yowzers! you have my attention.