Sunday, April 08, 2012

I passed out by nine last night. Try as I may, I just couldn't keep my eyes open another minute longer while watching Lost. I woke up to a blank TV screen and Moonli snoring at my feet. Why fight it any longer? To bed I went.

The alarm went off at 6am this morning. I had company for today's monster ride. Lee graciously agreed to go but he could only join me if we left at the crack of dawn. We met at Starbucks at 7 and headed East, toward Kansas. My legs felt pretty loaded from the day before and upper body seriously fatigued.

The first hour flew by. That tailwind came in handy and we both felt the previous day's efforts, but still maintained a steady clip. And then we turned North into the headwind.

Not even eight minutes into the steady breeze, I thought: oh shit. I'm not going to make it another three hours. NO BITCHING! Keep your sniveling to yourself. He doesn't need to hear you whine! Suck it up!

"This headwind blows."

"Yeah, let's head East again."

And that's when our luck turned around. We flew out to Falcon, then turned south and had a massive tailwind. Suddenly those 3 hours seemed doable.

"I could go forever with a tailwind!"

And a few miles before our turnaround point, the winds shifted. We had a tailwind into Fountain and then a bigger one back into the Springs.

I was back home and on the couch, napping to Paris-Roubaix by noon. A perfect way to spend Easter Sunday if you ask me.

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