Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Market Time

I love how late it stays light. That means no rushing to and from work, trying to fit in 3+ hours on the bike before sundown. Now I can take my time and not worry about the temperature dropping suddenly and spin through the pine forests. They smell extra good lately.

The mountain goat stayed at home last weekend as the women's crit was so poorly attended they couldn't even hold the race. And due to the forecast on Sunday, the promoter put out the word that they were going to cancel the road portion too. So guess what that meant? Yep, more smiles on Captain Jacks. I love single track!!!

Next weekend is a TT called Haystack and since we have very few racing 1/2's this year on my team, Benjamin and I signed up for the Voodoo half marathon mountain bike race. 44 miles of shale single track down in Pueblo with 500 of our closest friends. I did one mountain bike race - the Wednesday World Championships at SeaTac several years ago. This time though I have a sick 29er and tubeless set up hard tail, which should make for some fast laps.

It's going to hurt.

I've also been working a ton, trying to get my $9/hour job to accumulate some money money in my account. Spain is in the near horizon... June is coming quick! A whole month in Mallorca. Yes, please.  I'm learning Spanish pronto! Andale! Andale!

And I figured out my Rosetta Stone headset does it - I'm just not pronouncing any words right. And FYI: yelling into the microphone doesn't help. Neither does saying it fast nor slow. I feel like an old dog learning new tricks. D'oh!

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