Friday, July 30, 2010

Perfect summer day

Last night, on our walk back from Molly Moon's Ice Cream on 45th at about 10:40pm, a smile spread across my face as my mouth was full of cherry chunk ice cream with hot fudge and a deep satisfaction of the perfect summer day filled my head and tickled my soul. Not only was I eating the world's best ice cream while fulfilling my dog walking duties and reloading some calories into my overdrive metabolism, but I also was gleaming from getting in a killer workout at Seward park, surrounded by friends and kicking some boy booty.

Other activities from the day included (and not necessarily in order): Soba noodle eats, making peach jam, belly laughing with friends, getting a saddle replaced (yay for warranties!), using my race wheels, eating more food, eating ice cream, enjoying recovery cocktails, etc., etc. Oh and I can't forget the sunshine that poked out later in the day - making it warm enough to ride in minimal clothing and going round and round in circles via the hard-man route at Seward. Life is good.

Those are the days you remember mid-winter when it's pouring rain and 38 degrees out. It feels good to feel alive.

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