Monday, July 12, 2010

I like heat.

As the temps go up, the times go down.

And apparently the speed work we've been doing out at the track is paying off.... this past Friday I accomplished one of my "mini" goals and won the Category 3 men's omnium. You read that right.

Two stellar moves sealed the deal. The first was a bridge from the field to the breakaway that had a quarter lap on the field in the unknown distance. I caught them within a lap. We held off the field for the top three podium spots, with teammate Jordan Louie getting the win.

The second move was winning a point sprint midway through the 6x5 points race and then - somehow, some way, in the final sprint - kept the entire field at bay by sitting in the front of the pack, like a match sprint and as I entered corner two, hit the gas full bore and held off all but one guy to the line. It was an incredible night.

This photo pretty much says it all:

Next up? Big HUGE track race down in Portland and then FSA Grand Prix the following. Come on out and support your local track scene!

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