Sunday, November 04, 2007

Time to get serious

Got in some excellent ride time this weekend but came to the conclusion that it's time to get serious and start making each pedal stroke count. I'm focusing on climbing this road season and one of my goals is to drop 10 pounds. Don't worry - I have ample room to do it. Ideally I want to become a lean mean fighting machine that can hang on the hills.

It's going to be rough - but I've made up my mind. No more screwing around - I'm even going as far as employing a calorie counter (thanks Zana!). Good bye my sweets... I'll miss you.


Jo said...

Whoa!! no more chocolate croissants from the bakery?! You really are getting serious. But you have company in this endeavour - I want to get in shape for skiing. We can "commiserate" together our longing for yummy treats.

So, I'm really sorry about getting home too late on Sunday to do the ivy. I still want to help. part?...this outta take off 3 lbs for sure.

Let me know what day we should reschedule the ivy removal party.

Jo said...

Hey Jen

Here is Lucy's blog. She just raced the NY Marathon on the weekend.

You might really enjoy her story from Ironman Canada.

have a great day!

Juicey said...

I know, I know - it's going to be ROUGH. :) No worries about the ivy - I got home late from a ride (on Vashon where it was pouring rain!) and vegetated on the couch for several hours.

Thanks for the link to Lucy's blog - she's definitely an inspiration!