Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Wow there are a lot of bull shit boring blogs out there. I just got time warped in cycling nerd land.

May your blogs be spicy and juicy. And if all else fails, make some shit up!


jillita said...

Bike Snob!! It will cure you of all your boring blog reads. I don't read anything else. Ok, well maybe yours. :)

Jill B

Jimmy said...

dang, i guess i need to start lying more often and fabricating adventures for my blogger.

good luck in the great white north. don't forget the zinc losenges (for the track hack). the cold dry air in there dominates my throat. and make sure they're using the 'fast air' this weekend! say hi to chater for me.

i feel like i'm giving you a big list of things to do. haha.

Anonymous said...

That is why people continue to stalk you on your blog... because it is actually interesting! Keep writing (and riding) girl!
Cari Higgins