Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Something worth celebrating!

We're getting married in three days. I repeat: WE'RE GETTING MARRIED IN THREE DAYS!!!

This isn't my first rodeo. It's actually my second. And for those who don't know my story - I am a widow. Ryan died in September of 2008 in a rock climbing accident. Life as I knew it was thrown upside down. Yet I made a choice early on in my grieving process to look at loss as a gift. To make the most of it. And it opened my eyes and heart to possibilities I didn't know existed.

On our first date I asked Benjamin, "Who are you?" He read my blog and knew all about my story, my loss, my resolve to live on.

"Your love for Ryan was so apparent. That's the kind of love I want. I've never settled for anything less," he admitted to me on our first date.

As I looked across the table I made a resolve right then and there to love him. I barely knew him. But I knew, just knew, we shared something special.

And now in just a few short days, I'm marrying to my best friend.

My eyes fill with tears to have found love again and to be loved back. And I thank Ryan for showing me how to love and live and to Benjamin for making it all possible.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jennifer and Benjamin! A lifetime of love awaits! We Love you!

Nancy said...

A beautiful story. A beautiful girl. An inspiration to all. The continuation of your special journey. I wish you both a journey of love and laughter. Congrats!

Cassie & Sol said...

Oh Jen, we are so happy for you. Ryan definitely taught us all how to love and laugh big. So happy for you!!!

Josh M said...

Congrats! Wish Camille, Josiah and I could be there to share with you.