Wednesday, May 22, 2013


With a strong smell of spring, Benjamin and I zoomed down the Falcon Trail in the Air Force Academy around 6pm last night. Dodging thundershowers and racing daylight, I had one of those "I love it here" rides. And by here, I mean where I am both physically and mentally. I love following Benjamin's quick descents on his mountain bike, love zooming through the forest and over rocky trail sections. Love that my life is what it is and appreciative of so much abundance. And I love that my legs felt amazing, ready for the meandering challenge.

The smells were incredible. An earthy scent: dust, pine needles, green blades of grass, and peppered with small rain drops. I breathed deeply in, thankful for the opportunity to be playing in its presence, full grin on my face as we flew down the trail. Yes, I sang the whole way.

"Who are you talking to?" Benjamin asked at one point.

"Nobody! Just singing!" ZOOM down the trail, booming out the chorus to New Order's song Temptation. Benjamin added the lyrics.

"Up, down, turn around
Please don't let me hit the ground
Tonight I think I'll walk alone
I'll find my soul as I go home"

Colorado rain is much different than Washington's. It comes in small spurts and the drops are like fine needles, barely touching the skin. In the high desert, the rain is welcome. It's the greenest I have ever seen it here, thanks to the nightly thundershowers. Funny though, if you were to visit from Seattle, you'd wonder why everything looks brown.

Spring is late. Much later than last year. We are just now hitting temperatures in the 70's. The snow is melting off the surrounding fourteeners and the river and stream banks are bulging. Our street is lined with bright green bulbs, providing shade and color.

Somedays just leave you thankful. Thankful for everything in your life, in this moment, in this lifetime in this Universe. Come visit me in Colorado and I'll take you on those trials so you can feel it too.  Singing is mandatory.


Anonymous said...

LOVE this....

Sarah Kopf said...

Love everything about this post! I noticed (in the first NON evil segment of our ride last night) that the lilacs and cherry trees are all in bloom. Smelled SO amazing. And then the rain was moving in- and that clean, fresh smell took over. Loved it!