Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Rain on me!

It's actually raining outside. Not the little drip drop drip drop we've had on occasion during a thundershower, but an actual drenching. The last time it actually rained here was in February. Seriously. The timing is perfect. The city let out an audible sigh of relief.

The streets are lined with running water and my house has finally cooled off. It was 100 degrees earlier today. Huge winds gusted into town around 3pm and then finally, starting around 7pm the rain started.

It smells amazing. It's washing away the smoke filled air.

What a contrast to living in Seattle. It's the exact opposite. It's as sunny and dry here as it is cloudy and rainy there. Well, maybe even a little better. Although from the sounds of it, it maybe the exact opposite.

This is a serious invitation to all of my webbed feet stubborn Seattle friends: COME VISIT ME. I guarantee warmth, sun, huge grins and fat tires. There's a spare bedroom with your name on it....

Now excuse me, while I go air up the tires on my 29'er. The trails tomorrow are going to be SICK!!!!

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