Friday, December 02, 2011

The Art of Happiness

1. Live your passion. 2. Dare to dream. 3. Write your dreams down and post them somewhere you can see it everyday. 4. Tell your dreams to a friend. 5. Surround yourself with positive people. 6. Get outside. 7. Listen to what others have to say. 8. Send letters to your grandparents. 9. Tell your parents you love them. 10. Eat whole foods. 11. Climb a mountain. 12. Ski downhill. 13. Challenge yourself by trying something new. 14. Go somewhere new on vacation. 15. Watch Muppet movies. 16. Have potlucks with friends. 17. Ride bikes. 18. Laugh often, especially at yourself. 19. Do something adventurous every week. 20. Bake cookies. 21. Play ping pong. 22. Read books. 23. Cook! 24. Play with dogs. 25. Be creative. 26. Be scientific. 27. Drink water. 28. Sleep well. 29. Go see plays. 30. Eat desert first. 31. Brush your teeth. 32. Go skinny dipping. 33. Giggle. 34. Get into flow. 35. Forgive quickly and often. 36. Become an expert. 37. Go to Hawaii and stick your toes in the sand and swim in the Pacific Ocean. 38. Love fearlessly. 39. Send friends birthday cards. 40.  Be kind. 41. Open doors for others. 42. Smile. 43. Let those in your life know how much you love them. 44. Suck on chocolate. 45. Listen to jazz. 46. Share your story. 47. Exercise frequently. 48. Live life to the fullest. 49. Be optimistic. 50. Express gratitude. 51. Smile at strangers. 52. Ride your bike! 53. Listen to music and sing out loud. 54. Walk or run or ride in the rain. 55. Give and share. 56. read JT's Blog! 57. Color "out side" of the lines or doodle. 58. Just say "doodle" repeatedly. 59.
Watch birds. 60. Read a frivolous book under a tree with a drink that contains an umbrella. 61. Share your "signature dance" move as frequently as possible.

What would you add?


Michelle Stiles said...

wonderful Jen!

Smile at strangers....

JT said...

It's funny - I thought of you when I wrote a lot of those! So.... what's your favorite Christmas cookie? It's snowing outside and I'm in the mood to warm up that kitchen and some bellies!

Michelle Stiles said...

have you made these yet? Poor photos but they are great chocolate bombs.

these are a total hit as well:

I am going to make chocolate peppermint crackles (?) with real mint here in a little bit. They sound like they need to be dipped in boozy hot chocolate later tonight.

mariselaTRi said...

maaaaan! that ROCKS!!!!! :)
TOTALLY PRINTING THAT ONE :) ..and stick it on my forehead!!!! haha :))
not but seriously! thats really cool :) and reminds me a lot of what my coach tells me almost daily!!! ;)

i would add....
52. ride your bike!
53. listen to music and sing out loud!
54. walk or run or ride under the rain!
55. GIVE & SHARE! (for me, to GIVE is to RECEIVE! as simple as that)
56. read JT's Blog! hihi ;)

Cindy said...

color "out side" of the lines or doodle. Just say "doodle" repeatedly.
watch birds
read a frivolous book under a tree with a drink that contains an umbrella.
Share your "signature dance" move as frequently as possible