Monday, June 21, 2010


Yesterday was a rest day. A complete and total rest day. I actually got bored but now am wishing it were still here. Actually, I thought I would take this time and do a little bit of catch up since the entries have been low the last couple of weeks....

Racing and training is in full swing. I am doing double days pretty much every day from now until Nationals. The goal is to make me as tired as possible so that I can perform under exhausting conditions and still do well. As I train my body to take the punishment, I am also focusing on the mental aspect and pushing beyond preconceived notions and expectations.... and instead am focusing on preferences. So far that's resulted in multiple podium finishes but not quite the big W. It is making me hungry for it, that's for sure. I am definitely stoked on the consistent podium placements but that top step alludes me for some reason....

What's on tap? Well crabbing season opened up June 18, which means this weekend Chris and I are dropping some pots in area 13 for the weekend. YUM- Crab!!! And maybe some salmon fishing this weekend?!?

It's almost July and Seattle has yet to have several nice days in a row - and the weather is what's on everyone's mind. Usually we Northwesterners put up with the 9 months of raining for the 3 amazing months of summer - so when we don't get it, well we feel cheated.

I sold Ryan's motorcycle. This is pretty big. It's been sitting in the garage for almost two years and I am trying to downsize my personal belongings. Some nice ladies out of Vancouver BC bought it and paid $200 above blue book value.

Maggie is still running like a rock star and boy am I glad I didn't sell her! She's the ultimate van - and although she can barely cruise at 70mph she certainly has saved me a ton of money by letting me sleep inside and cook up some meals. VW Westies are the best!

Next on tap? More Friday night race action. Come on out and watch me beat up some boys! And in July there's the Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge in Portland shortly followed by the FSA GP. And for the first time in 5 years I should be around for Redmond Derby days....

And what's this? I see blue sky poking its way out of the clouds.... maybe summer will show up today after all. Good thing as I'm headed out to the track for an ass kicking by Jennie, Tela and Mary. Look out!

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