Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last Monday wrecked me. Not so much the following day but the day after that, and the day after that and the day after that. My cycling training was seriously compromised and every muscle was in serious shock mode from movements my body hasn't done in nearly a decade. The come back kid felt like the come back wuss. And despite my best intentions to get to another gym to see if I could find the right training environment - it so did not happen.

But what did find out after a couple of restless nights and foot cramps was that I really have set myself up for success in cycling. The coaching is phenomenal, my training partners are incredible, the support network, teammates, nutrition - all of it points in the right direction of having amazing success on two wheels. And while I still feel passionate about boxing and always will, I'm putting my eggs in the basket I've been weaving the past six years.

For now I'm going to keep focusing my energy on revolutions and self inflicted pain caves versus head bashing concussions. I do have a plan to get back in the sport a little more though since I still love it very much... but for now I'm working on those hill repeats with a fresh perspective and renewed spirit because I am so fortunate to pursue a sport I love and have the ability and time to do it.

Funny how life throws in its little distractions from time to time.

My mantra for today: World Cups. WORLD CUPS. WORLD CUPS!!!

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