Friday, February 05, 2010

"If you time your nutrient intake well, you will store less fat in your fat cells, store more protein and carbohydrate in your muscle cells, and use more calories to supply immediate energy needs than you would if you ate precisely the same nutrients but timed their intake poorly." -Matt Fitzgerald.

And for those trying to cut weight but are doing it at the expense of your performance - this one's for you....

"On the other hand, when you habitually consume too little at certain times of the day, your metabolism will slow so that more of the calories you consume at other times are stored as body fat, and your body will break down muscle tissue to make up for the deficit of food energy."

Bottom line - it's all about timing.


Michelle Stiles said...

here do you find all this great nutritional info? I am trying to gain muscle mass because I am twiggy and get injured too much.

Juicey said...

Hey Michelle -
I found this info in "Racing Weight - How to Get Lean for Peak Performance" by Matt Fitzgerald. Precision Nutrition has quite a bit of info for people trying to gain and loose weight too. From what I can tell - adding 300 calories a day to your diet should do the trick, so long as you're already meeting your daily caloric requirement. You, my lucky friend, have been blessed with an amazing metabolism!