Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sorry about slacking on the trip report... I've been busy and trying to stay off the computer as much as possible since I got back. So far my neglected yard has had some attention, my car got washed, my bike is going to get some attention next - and then I'm onto planning more getaways.

I will say this though - my pursuit practice has been coming along very well. What we thought would be pacing for a 4:00 at Marymoor is now down around 3:50... 3 seconds shy of the track record. I suppose the altitude training did my body good - and so did losing a few pounds from basically not eating. But that's a whole story in itself and I hope to be able to share it soon...

Hope you're out enjoying the summer days.

And one more mention - one year is coming up quick. If you didn't catch my post before - Trish (ryan's mom) is having a tribute show to Ryan at the Blue Horse Gallery in Bellingham September 4 from 6-10pm. It should be an awesome tribute to Ryan - please come if you're available!

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